Thief - Deadly Shadows

Thief - Deadly Shadows 2.0

I have the power to take everything from you, including your life!
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Dynamic Lighting and Shadow System. Every character and object casts realistic, dynamic shadows that effect stealth gameplay.

Main Features:

Huge Arsenal of Thieves tools. Including lock picks, a blackjack, arrows, wall climbing gloves, oil flasks, flash bombs, and a dagger. An Entire City to Explore. Break into any building, mug nobles on the streets, spend your loot, and earn a reputation. Feel like a real thief in a cityscape of unparalleled responsiveness and interactivity. Advanced Artificial Intelligence. AI guards that see and hear, track evidence and suspiciousness, search for intruders, fight, give chase, and perform lip synching, facial expressions, and hundreds of lines of real-time dialog.

-Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Vista
(95/98/ME/NT not supported)
-CPU: Intel Pentium IV 1.5 GHz (or AMD Athlon XP equivalent)
-MEMORY: 256 MB system memory
-GRAPHICS: 64 MB video memory, Direct3D 9.0, and Pixel Shader 1.1
-SOUND: 100% DirectSound 9 compatible sound card
-HARD DRIVE: 3,000 MB free hard disk space
-INPUT DEVICES: Keyboard and mouse R

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